Bloomstar maximizes your site’s opportunities for effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM)- the delivery of paid text advertisements to users when they type key search terms into a search engine. Our use of SEM campaigns to define key performance criteria and drive our strategy for design and development, SEO, SEM, and display media, making performance metrics part of every stage in developing your site and your campaign. Bloomstar casts the widest and smartest net on the web to build, test, and ensure a successful SEM campaign.

Bloomstar unique SEM process gets you seen in all the right places. We work from the ground up by mobilizing industry research and creating an effective landing page to give your site and your spend a built-in SEM strategy. We take advantage of the full possibilities of search by reviewing and expanding the keywords that will generate results, including undercapitalized “long tail” search terms that go beyond the obvious. We maximize optimization through daily bid management, creative copy and landing page testing, and we make your site reach your markets by targeting geography, demographics, and user behavior.